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Established in 1983, Prudent Choice Realty has grown to become a booming business in New York, from a house near the ocean in Brighton Beach to a condo in Canarsie. We are passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences. By offering a complete suite of real estate services, we ensure that we meet our consumers’ every need. From sales and rentals to mortgage, new developments, and title insurance, we have experts in every field to guide you skillfully from beginning to the end of your real estate journey. Our outstanding track record, unique brand promise, and exceptional agent support system attract top talent, ensuring that our team of experts represents the very best in the industry. At Prudent Choice Realty, we believe that access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape our decisions. Today’s consumer needs a trusted resource that can separate signal from noise and help them navigate the complex process that real estate has become. With our extensive knowledge in every aspect of the field, and fueled by consumer research and insights, we are the go-to source for information and education.

About us

We’re very passionate about searching for only the best properties on the market and offering them to our clients. While our agents are working in New York. Our extended team is waiting for a chance to be helpful to your cause, whether it’s a summer rental search in Brighton Beach or a purchase & mortgage of a Bed Stuy 3-storey house . So we’re sure that whatever type of property you’re searching for, we’ll be the agency to get it found, checked and offered for you!

Our team

On average, each of our agents has more than 100 homes successfully sold and more than 500 rented out. The best qualities that our clients note they’ve noticed in our agents is their fast pace, trustworthiness, and dedication!


Alvin Madison

As our CEO, he has been with us from the head start. He manages all our agents, property listings and the overall engagement of our rent & sell agency across the US. Previously he was a part of a mortgage department…

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I’ve spent tons of time searching for a not-so-expensive condo in Chicago, but as soon as I hired one of your agents, I was finally able to find it and move in!
Gotta love how fast-minded your real estate agents are! I was in a real hurry to buy a new home in Florida, where I’ve been promoted to at my work… Your real estate agents helped it happen in the shortest time frame!